Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Hope You Are All Enjoying Your Weekend

... for the first time in ages I drove to the shops this morning ... it has certainly been a very wet day.  however this afternoon I did manage to get a mile long walk done in the dry ... so not as good as normal, but at least I managed to get out for a few moments.

Spoke to Auntie Joyce today and she seems as "normal" as ever.  Just spoken to Brenda and she is going to phone her tomorrow ... so we will see how things go.  Sadly I find my memories of the hurts she caused Dad (& Mum) tend to be in the background , but I do try to remember that at 94 and with no close family (there are only the 3 of us) she does need support ... even if she won't accept it.  She has turned down the NHS support that she was offered for the next 6 weeks, as she doesn't trust that they won't steel from her (her words, not mine).  I have told her they would be fine, but once she has made up her mind there is no changing it.  Oh well, I wait and see how the next chapter of this story will go.

Now it's a Saturday and I need to finish off here so that  I can turn off the pc and relax for the next few hours.  Housework is pretty organised, food sorted ... so "bring on the weekend"!!  But as ever -

7. If you use libraries, what is the largest overdue fine you've ever had?
Oh I had a few in the past - but haven't been in a library for years ... a Kindle for fiction, and internet for factual books.

8. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
That has taken some thinking - maybe it was when I joined a gym 6 months after Dad died ... so that would be New Year 2017

Enjoy your weekend - see you on Monday x
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