Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

The Good News Is ....

I won't need to water the garden tubs this evening!

Mind you, the sun is now out, so if it gets very warm I may change my mind.  But it was raining off & on until now.  I am hoping that if it rains this week it will be dry next week, as when Brenda visits we have plans for day-trips!  Oh well, whateve happens, it will be nice to have a couple of days off work.  Those days were off anyway from my normal clinic so that's why I offered Brenda a  mini-break, so it would be nice if we could also need to buy an ice-cream, rather than have to huddle in layers of clothes!  (Watch this space)

Yes, I am managing to catch up with many of you, but am all behind in replying to comments, so that is a task for this evening.

Now the sun is out I am going to have a short walk, and when I get back I hope to play my clarinet for 5 minutes ... I haven't really been able to increase my play-time, but I am determined to keep going, however small, it's better than nothing.

So, let me get on, but before that -

5. Have you ever hung your clothes out on a clothesline?

Always, if I can
Tags: clarinet, daily meme, holiday, walk, weather, work

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