Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Another Day - Another Post ...

... And nothing much to note!

I was a good girl yesterday and had a lazy afternoon.  So didn't catch up with anything at all.  I am feeling mostly 100% now, but still decided to cancel the Chinese Take Away that I had planned with a friend for this evening, as thought that was too much, too soon ... but we will re-book, so that's something to plan for!

Clinic this morning was OK, but I ended up with a sore throat, as there were 2 of the 4 (who turned up) who were profoundly deaf.  In fact one of them I ended up writing down details for her, as she couldn't hear much as all.

Now the afternoon is slowly progressing, and I do want to have a short walk, and also to play my clarinet for 5 minutes ... getting back on track.

I do hope your Tuesday is going well ... and ...

3. When you make a mess are you more likely to clean it up right away, or do you get to it later?
Oh, am I meant to clear up mess?  What a waste of time as most of the things that I make mess with will be needed on another day, so why would I pack it away????
Tags: daily meme, ill, rl, work

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