Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Another Month Is On The Way

... how did that happen? Somehow August arrives tomorrow, so we are well over the half way point!

So I have done some shopping, and some housework ... soon be time to get some dinner sorted.

This afternoon I am being collected by someone from my Church, and we are meeting up with a few other people for a summer get-together. Apparently it is an annual event, but I am new to the "event" ... good thing that numbers are allowed indoors now as it seems a bit damp today.

In other news my postage today was the return of my grandmother's 2 engagement rings. They had been worn through with wear, and both were missing a stone ... one a ruby, and one a diamond. So that was an expensive job, but am pleased they are done. I had sent them to a jeweller who is a brother of someone I work with and am pleased with the result.

Anyway, lunch is calling! So I am off ... but before that ...

31. Have you ever cried in school?
Probably - as I was bullied.

Ummmm - somehow 1st August wasn't on my list, so if others have it I will post that on Monday

Have a good weekend
Tags: church, daily meme, jewellery, rl

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