Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Only 10 Minutes ... But ...

I am really pleased with myself!

I actually played both my clarinet & saxophone for 5 minutes each, and that was the first time in 19 months.  So am pleased to have done something at long last.  Both getting back into my long-term hobbies, but also trying to get my breathing soted out (thus a short time, but I will try to keep going now I have done day #1)  Nick bought me a book of clarinet music as part of my birthday present, so I am determined (on so many levels) to get playing again.

Clinic was busy today.  Only one weirdo in the bunch, but he was a super-weirdo!!!!

Now I have more photos to edit before posting some more her ... and, yes, I will try and catch up later.  But, before I go -

28. Musician you would like to see live if you had the chance?

Guess who!  I have already seen him!

I would like to have seen Beethoven conduct some of his work, as I love his music, and he was such a complex person, with a terrible diasbility.
Tags: clarinet, daily meme, saxophone, work

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