Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Doing The Meme ....

Well, plus an extra!

On my way home I visited  Auntie Mary (Mum's best friend).  She wasn't expecting me as I hadn't known when I could get there, but it was so lovely to see her -


She is 91, and still totally independant, which makes it lovely to catch up with her.  We do speak every 2 - 3 weeks, but nice to see her in person.

And, as I said -

27. What celebrity death(s) that effected you the most?

I remember Elvis Presley's death - we were on holiday in France, and I was always a fan ... suddenly whatever radio you heard, in whatever language there was his music.  I still can't believe he was only 42.  And, yes, I still like his music.

Like everyone I do remember hearing about Diana, Princess of Wales.  I think what I found hard about her was that she was a week younger than me.  Another young life.
Tags: auntie mary, daily meme

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