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Still Spamming You!

Yes, i thought I was all up to date, yesterday, and I am with the photos of my 60th birthday celebrations.  However last Friday I picked Christine up and we had a day out ... mostly at Dartmouth

However on the way we went via Jiffy's grave, as Christine had wanted to see where he is resting. So as well as seeing where my little man is, we also walked around the whole cemetery. I had brought him a red rose that was from Mum's rose bush, so it was nice for them to be part of that trip.



Some of the stones actually are for multiple pets, but some are for pet (s) and an owner.  It is certainly a beautiful place.

We then drove to Dartmouth, but as there are loads of photos I shall post that seperately, and as ever -

7. If you had to move to a new city, where would you move?
I live in a small city which has so much, but it would have to be another small and historical city, such as bath.  But I would need to live nearish to the centre, as I am at present.  (I do like Edinburgh, but it's very hilly!!)
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