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There Are Some Odd People Around! 
6th-Jul-2021 03:09 pm
Well at least it wasn't the patients that were mad (well one of them was!!), but one of the elderly patients had come with a local hospital transport.  The patient was ready, and we phoned the taxi-lady .... half an hour later she arrived to find out if we needed her as she hadn't got her phone with her and had gone for a walk!  Surely if that's her job for the morning, she goes for a walk to fill the time ... but takes her phone with her!  Odd!!!!

Oh well, the phrase goes "it takes all sorts to make a world", and I am sure that I know that by now working in the department I do!

As ever -

6. If I looked in your fridge right now, what would I find?
Actually it would look OK at present - milk, yoghurt, fruit & veg ... and the space where the chocolate usually lives is empty, so looking OK!!
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