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Union Chapel - May 2008.

Friday 2nd May was a great day - long, but 101% worth it.

It started when I left home at 6.30am ... and then finished ... well, to be honest, it hasn't finished yet, as James' music is flowing through my head even now!

Yes, 6.30 leaving the house - and off to my brothers.  he works in Exeter and so I left my car in their roead and he took me to the coach station on his way to work ... and so I am off to London.  This time last year, it was an identical trip - but my first ever, ever ... so at least I was a bit more relaxed about the venue and meeting people (etc) so I could just focus on the forth-coming gig.

Once in London I went to drop my case off, near Picadilly, and then got something to eat and headed to Islington.  I arrived there at about 2.30pm and was suprised that the queue wasn't longer, however I think the rain that everyone had at Borderline may have put a few people off!!

I started chatting to the girl who had arrived just before me - musicinmyear.  She said that this was her first trip to see James (She came from Cologne) but that she had enjoyed Borderline - so good to hear more about that.

Not long after I got there others joined the queue, including a couple of people that Anya had met on Wednesday.  We were all taking some time to go and get a coffee - so people were coming and going, but most were being careful that they weren' queue jumping!

It was great to see  xheartrockx    and once back from speaking to her   aa_eve_aa    spotted me.

This was just so great - not just the chance to hear James sing again, but meeting friends again, in person ... waves to you all.

We had one shower of rain, but overall were very lucky with the weather - and as ever, with James fans most were having a great time ... our group ended up having a huge debate as a couple wanted him to give up the acting and just sing ... one said she couldn't see why he sang at all (for someone who had travelled from Germany, as well) I couldn't see why she was there!   Sorry to say to both those groups - but I love watching James on screen - and love having his CD in the car!!

We started to move forward at about 6.45 and went into the venue at anout 7pm.  I was sitting on the aisle towards the left - and soon saw the Church filling up.

While there I spotted  spikereader    and was able to catch up with her.

It was soon time for Steve to get people settled down and introduce the support act - Benmark.  For those who read my report of the concert in November where I really moaned about the so-called support James had then ... well, don't worry!  I am going to be nice.

He was good - his own songs and a relaxed style - although found it weird that he would occasionally walk away from the microphone while he was singing!  Still as a support for James, I think he was great.

We then had a half hour gap - time to do some wore chatting! ... And then - 



He was looking great - very relaxed and happy.

He sang quite a lot of my favourite songs, although I will admit that the whole event just completely washed over me - so I have snagged the set-list from jamalov29 's write up

.Not a millionaire
.London City 
.Looking at you
.For what I need
.Button Down Vandals
.Up on me
.Don’t worry son
.Birth of the blues
.Like a waterfall
.All that she wanted
.Fall of the night 
.Civilized man

He was asked to do "Katie" by someone in the audience, so that was the first song of hie encore.
He followed that by some covers -
Tom Waits - Pictures in a Frame
                       Chocolate Jesus
Ramones - No Apologies
He then finished with "Baby Blue"
He left the stage then to a standing ovation.

I really love both "Not a Millionaire" and "Looking at You" ... so for me a great way to start ... although the more I hear "London City", the more I like it ... but the more it ,makes me want to cry!
"Button Down Vandals" - great that James loves being a Dad ... and I love "Don't Worry Son" for that reason, as well as it being a great song.
"All that she wanted" and "Fall of night" are 2 other songs of his that I like - and "Dangerous" was the song I had hoped to see on his second album, so glad to hear it again.
"Katie" is, like those who requested it, another popular choice where I am concerned ... but didn't know any of the 3 covers he did.  I think my favourite was "Picture ina frame" ... and then his final song, "Baby Blues" I am still humming in my mind.  (As I said in a request yesterday, I had only heard it twice, and yet it "stuck")

Overall it is hard to be objective when it come to James - I do love his music, and his reaction to his audience.  It was great - and I loved seeing how shocked he seemed when he had the standing ovation - He seemed so happy ... I hope that he isn't just a good actor, but that he is feeling that great about life as well.

I did take some photos but they are on film, so have to be deveolped, however I don't hold out much hope this time as my camera was not happy!  Before he comes back I must beg/borry/steal the money to go digital!!

As I was leaving I also got a chance to meet 2 more friends - deborahw37  and I had kept missing each other - so really lovely to meet in person - and compare hand injuries!!  And the aa_eve_aa  introduced me to hawera  - so it was lovely to meet another from my f-list.
For those who read the whole ramble - well done.  For those who didn't let me sum up by saying - I had a great time ... seeing friends - and listening to James!  Hope I can do the whole thing again soon!!

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