Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Sorry - I Missed Yesterday ....

And, had hoped to post a few photos as well .... but

  • The computer is on a go-slow for uploading the photos, so I shall smile sweetly, and hope to get to share the photos with you at some point!

  • Yesterday was not a good day, so after work, and a walk, I slept most of the afternoon

  • Yes, although not a football fan I did watch some of the England v. Germany match ... nice to be on  the winning sde!!

And now we are at today.

  • Today is my baby brother's birthday.  My memory of 54 years ago, is of being told off!!  My other brother & I spent time in the garden, and we went paddling in a large puddle.  Yes, I remembered to take both our shoes open, but forgot to remove the white socks Nick & I were wearing.  So, don't remember Tim arriving (he was born at home). just know I got told off.

  • For the 3rd day in a row we saw a boy who was aged under 10 (in fact yesterday we saw a 16 year old, as well)  All the boys were really nice, and makes life easier.

  • Other than our 3 year old patient we saw one other man, and the other 3 were no-shows!

  • I got home early, which was lovely ... and lucky as I had organised for a horologist to come at 1pm, or later ... he was 1/2 hour early.  So both my Mum's Grandfather's wall clocks are now off for repair.  Both are 1870's - 1880's, and Mum has had both since their wedding in 1952 ... so I inherited them a few years ago, as neither brother wanted them.

  • Had a great walk, and now am here to try and get some icons finished, as well as hope the photos upload.

But, as ever, before I do other things -

29. Did you go to your high school’s homecoming dance?
We didn't have one - but wouldn't have gone if we had

30. Who taught you how to drive?
Mum took me out for my first drive.  After that I had 2 instructors - Collin & Bob

Well that's me back up to date - hopefully I will try to catch up with you all this evening.
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, clocks, computer, daily meme, mum, rl, tim, walk, work

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