Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Insurance Companies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are so frustrating, aren't they?

No. I haven't had an accident etc, just had to renew my car insurance. I had the renewal, and decided I would check on a couple of the comparison sites ... and, sure enough, I could save myself £30. So I had to ring my present company to cancel. The man was really nice, and offered to go through everything again - I did say that nothing had changed, and I had confirned like-for-like. Anyway, he did the paperwork, and said he could save me £15 ... what's that about? So I pointed out that I was still £15 better off with the other company.

So, he spoke to his supervisor, twice, and I now have a renewal for the same price.

My thoughts are why wasn't the original quote the £15 cheeper ... and how can they reduce the price. If they had planned on getting that money, why change? But, I suppose there are some who automatically renew, and for me, they didn't lose a client.

So the car is insured ... and I have an extra £30 in my bank account.

Work was weird today the only "normal" one of the five was a 3 year old boy. But I managed to leave on time, so in the end it wasn't too bad.

I have still managed a short walk, as I had to buy some milk ... so combined the two.

Now I'm here, and I have photos to post in a moment ... and some icons need to be made as they are due in a couple of days (and no, I didn't do anything like that last week).

But before I get on -

28. If I stepped into your shower, what is the first item I would notice?

There is only shower gel, and shampoo ... so you have a 50:50 choice
Tags: car, daily meme, rl, walk, work

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