Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Another Special Day ....

And I still haven't arrived at my birthday!

I met my best friend (& husband) late morning in Okehampton (about 50 mins drive away).

Nothing special you think - but for me I knew what a treat it was as it's literally the first time they have been in a shop since the start of the pandemic 15 months ago.  Toni is an amazing friend, but she does have a lot of assorted stresses.  Covid has really hit her hard, as her husband is 20 years older than her, & had a heart attack 20 years ago.  So a drink with them at a supermarket, and the sausage & chips from a take-away meant so, so much ... even if she did make me wear a "60" badge!!

After lunch we drove up onto Dartmoor and the 3 of us had a walk .... and guess who had left her camera in my car.  I hadn't realised we were going somewhere.  I live in a beautiful part of the world.  We have promised to go back for more walks (she has even said she may bring the horses another day)

So a simple few hours, but so special for me.

From there they headed home, and I went to visiit Okehampton Castle ( that was started in 1068).  I haven't had time to get the photos sorted out, so will post them in a couple of days.

I am not going to over-push myself as I have plans over the next 2 days!  But beware that you will then get photo-bombed!  I have exercises to do for my leg injury, so must get on.  Sorry I won't have time to check through what you have posted ... but hope to get a chance later.  As ever, though -

23. Do you have any dietary restrictions?
I am allergic to butter, and semi-skimmed/skimmed milk. Although I can eat cheese & cream (although if too much clotted cream is involved I am not happy!) It's a weird allergy, but have lived with it all my life, so don't get caught out too often.
And, I don't like fish!
Tags: birthday, covid19, daily meme, my60th, toni

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