Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Happy Giraffe Day

Yes, today is World Giraffe Day - so hoping you all are thinking "tall".  When I got in from work & changed I put a giraffe T-shirt on, although it's cold, so have put a jumper on over the top!!!

I had the bestest birthday weekend - truly a special time.  Everyone was there, and we all spent a lot of family time, which really meant so much.  I will post about it properly tomorrow as I am absolutely shattered.  I enjoyed the time, but by the time I had driven home yesterday I was totally exhausted ... 13 hours of sleep meant I made it to work, but really need to relax again.

Hope you all had a good weekend, as well, and as ever (I didn't forget) -

21. Do you enjoy getting manicures/pedicures?
Never had either

PS - It's the longest day today, so that's why it's cold & wet!!
Tags: daily meme, family, giraffe, weather, weekend

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