Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

How Can It Already Be Wednesday?

Wow, on my walk today fiction met RL.  I have been watching a photography competition, and last week the people had to take images of a group performing Parkour .... today my Dresdon Files swapped to my next book, and it starts with Harry Dresden performing Parkour.  However for any who know the book, these street performers did it wrong, as they didn't yell "Parkour" as they jumped!!

Not something I have ever attempted, or will now (especially as my ankle is still sore)

Clinic went well, although we did have one patient who was obviously very, very dehydrated, because even after drinking a few glasses of wter, and a coffee, his bladder was still empty.  So I left him & his partner heading off to get lunch and plan to return later this afternoon when he should be ready.  (Or not!)

I have managed to scan some photos, from my first birthday (as you saw yesterday) to my 21st and also a baby photo of both Nick & Tim ... sorry boys, but I couldn't resist!  I have a few photos of my 50th to add, as well as a book of photos from my 40th, so it looks like I am getting organised.  Just hope my ankle is feeling better by then, as I don't want to spend my weekend on pain killers to compensate.

But, as ever, there is always housework to do ... so ...

16. What do you think the world will be like in 100 years?
On a human practiacle point of view I would imagine it will be "not the best", but with my faith maybe the world will have finished by then.  In so many ways there are a lot of problems ... pollution, disease, and people themselves seem to be getting less tolerant.  So, all in all, I am quite glad I won't be around.
Tags: daily meme, dresden files, family, work

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