Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Shall By MIA Until Monday Now

I have decided that I really have to go and visit Auntie Joyce (Dad's sister ... thus the icon I am using!).  That's been one advantage of being ill, and then of lockdown, I have had genuine reasons for not doing the trip.  It's a long trip (and will be my first "push" of my health), but the main problem is the lady herself ... she has always been the same, so going for an overnight trip like this is the easier way of doing things.  The last few times I have been I have had Jiffy so have had the excuse to take him for a walk to "escape".  Still, I suppose now she is 94 she can be excused some of her problems (trouble is she has been like it since a child!!)

But the trip means I will be off-line, and the other side is that if I don't go now the Lockdown may return.

This morning's clinic was nice & easy ... one cancelled the day before, one no-show, one who didn't actually need the appt ... leaving 2 people. So, plenty of time to read my book! Although it was also my turn to do the cleaning of the waiting area, door handles, etc. (Something we now do at lunchtime since the start of Covid)

The rest of this afternoon I need to get some ironing done ... and also scan some photos.  I am going to Nick & Brenda's (pandemic permitted) the weekend before my birthday and she wants me to bring some photos of my 18th, 21st, etc birthdays.

But, as ever -

10. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to during the winter?
I keep it cool now Jiffy has passed away ... I prefer to wera an extra layer, and save some money!

11. Have you ever had surgery?
I had my retina repaired back in December 1988. (This is why I am slowly losing my sight in that eye)
December 2006 the hospital thought I would have to have surgery on my damaged hand (where I had de-gloved the finger), but good First Aid, and treatment in A&E meant I was saved that surgery.

12. When you were growing up did your family move around a lot?
We moved when I was 3 months old, and again at 5 1/2 .... but then not till I was 25

13. What browser do you use?
Google Chrome

Right - see you on Monday x
Tags: auntie joyce, covid19, daily meme

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