Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

We Need A Thunderstorm!

It is overcast, but still warm - and fairly airless.  So we need a good thunderstorm!  When I was growing up we had a large conservatory, and lots of storms.  I used to love watching the lightning.  In fact so much so the last time we had a storm here, I slept through it, and missed it  😒 😒

Work was OK, although one man moaned as it was actually his birthday.  I think, if that had been me, I would have changed the date when I had the letter!

Just had a walk - warm, and still slightly sore on my ankle, but still being a good girl (what a shock!!)

I think I shall do a few icons before I turn off the pc, but before I post this -

9. What's the longest hotel stay you've ever had?
I think it was just over a week in San francisco in 2017.  Most of my longer trips have been multi-location, or I have stayed in a hostel.
Tags: daily meme, walk, weather, work

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