Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Did You Miss Me?

Wow, it's Thursday!

Yes, I had a lovely couple of days out - but the first one gave me dose of Sunstroke .... and although I was beginning to pick up, day #2 made it bad again. So, yesterday, I ended up sleeping much of the day (although I did make it to work.

The sunstroke/sunburn was self-inflicted, but Christine and I had a 8 mile walk along a river estury and as there was a slight breeze I wasn't aware how burnt I was getting. So, yes, self-inflicted, but not knowingly at the time. By the time I realsied I was cooking, it was too late. Tueaday i took the day off work as Claire needed a lift to Dawlish and although I was in the shade for much of the morning, we had a bit of a walk, and she bought me lunch, so although I took care it wasn't good enough.

The burn has nbow eased, but sadly yesterday as I was walking back very tiredly from work I did trip slightly and flared up my old calf injury - so add that to healing blisters from the walk I am still sore!

(Must be old age!!)

Anyway, as I type this I am uploading some photos so you will get two posts from me this afternoon to catch up. But, as I am behind -

31. What kind of cake did you have for your last birthday?
The physiologist I was working with (the friend I have had a few walks with) bought me a stunning chocolate one ... and it was yummy

1. Do you have a dry erase board?
No (although we use them at work)

2. What feature do you get complimented on most?

3. On average, how much money do you usually put into savings every week?
None - I don't earn enough to cover all my bills anyway (I am still draining money from savings slowly)
Tags: christine, claire, daily meme, devon, ill, summer, walk, work

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