Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Not Really Here!!

I had a lazy morning, then walked to the shops, before having lunch & another walk ... so about 4 miles done today (and some of the terrain was quite steep)  So I give myself a gold star

Now I want to get some food sorted.  I bought some mince beef today and want to get a load made up, split & frozen for next week .... and make a cake, which I will admit will be a simple recipe as it's nice & warm again today.

But before I head down to the kitchen -

29. Do you frequent social media more or less now?
Than when?
Actually sort of less - as I LJ every day except Sunday, and Instagram about the same. Very occasionally I will go to Facebook ... but now only for a specific reason (eg I wished everyone a Happy Easter). So as I never do anything on a Sunday and only do the 2 it's certainly less.

30. What is something that never fails to make you feel accomplished?
Finishing a jigsaw (although I have been a bit lazy recently)
Tags: cooking, daily meme, shopping, walk

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