Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Half Way Through The Week

... It's scary how quickly the weeks race past - even scarier that we are almost in June. I am sure it was only a few months ago we were celebrating the Millenium!!

Still, at least it is bright to day - so I actually enjoyed my mile walk today. Nice to be out in sunshine. Maybe I should start to transfer my winter clothes into storage, and dig out the summer clothes. The weathemen have said it will be nice this coming weekend, however as it's a Bank Holiday I am sure it is going to rain ;)

Clinic was busy, again, but mostly nice people, so that helps. We did have one patient who got upset, but we were slightly late seeing him, so I suppose he felt it was warrented. I think the most annoying was one man who didn't want to stay for the complete test ... I know he had a lot of health problems, but why bother to ask for help if you don't want to do the tests, etc?

This afternoon I really need to write some letters - a cousin of my grandmothers is someone who gets a Church magazine sent to her quarterly. Mum & Dad started doing this 10+ years ago, and I have carried on doing it. She will be 100 in November, so great to see someone of her age who is still doing well. She always writes back, so I keep up with her news.

So, letters & clothes, menas a busy afternoon ahead. Although I have got to be careful of flaring up my Chronic Fatigue.

But, before I head off -

26. What was your favorite book you had to read for school?
Most of me actual reading books were never read! In fact I laughed when they first filmed "Emma" as I said I would have to see the film, as it had been one of my O-Level books, and I had never read it (despite passing the exam). And, yes, I have read it recently.
Tags: daily meme, walk, weather, work

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