Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yesterday Was Certainly Medical Monday

Well I didn't make it here yesterday as I was being "sorted out"!!

Work went well, from my point of view.  However the physiologist I was working with found it a tough clinic.  Our first patient was an 18year old who was just starting transition to a female (so a complicated history), our next patient had been having bladder problems (and surgery) for 40+ years ... and so it went on!  They were nice people, so for me it was fine, but the medical side was tough.

Today was the opposite - 5 patients with very straight-forward medical stories ... but they were all incredibly odd!

Anyway, yesterday I heard from my doctor that he wanted me to speak to the asthma specialist in the practice.  We had a really good chat, and she has suggested further treatment, so I shall wait and see how that goes.  Hopefully it will improve my breathing.  From that phone appointment I had to drive back to Torquay to get my tooth problem sorted out.  That seems OK, now (but again it's a case of wait & see)

So now I have shopping to do soon (and collect my new prescription), so am heading off again soon -

24. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?
I have had 1 removed (a cople of years ago), 1 still in my jaw-line ... and the other 2 are still to come through.

25. Did you have a swing set in your yard when you were a child?
Yes - it was a suprise birthday pressie when I was 4, and when we moved house Dad dismantled it and it moved with us.
Tags: daily meme, health, ill, work

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