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Happy Weekend

I had an early start yesterday as I had a dentist appointment to try to finally sort out my tooth problem.  Although she didn't think the treatment would work, it actually had ... so I was glad to know that she had saved the tooth and could do the final filling.  However, while there I also needed to show her where I had broken the front tooth off it's plate last week.  So, she took another impression and saod I could be able to pick it up later ... brilliant.

So I decided to go to the shops that where nearby, and that were also the supermarket that Mum & Dad used to go to every week.  In fact over the last couple of years they went, I used to drive them there and take Jiffy for a walk while they shopped.  So, as part of my walking routines and in memory of Jiffy I went for one of the 2 walks we used to do .... up to see the County Court which is just under a mile away -

This is the car-park between the supermarket and M&S


I also walked past the steps that we sometimes walked up to do a different walk, but by then it was starting to rain again, so I didn't go on "both" walks (I know, I' m lazy!)

So I then went into M&S to have a look to see if there were any nice dresses, which there weren't, but I did buy a pair of shorts.  I then decided to do my shopping at Sainsbury's, and bought a dress & a skirt there, as well.

From ther I went back to M&S for lunch.

I still had a couple of hours to kill, so I decided I would go and visit Heather (the next-door neighbour of Mum & Dad).  I used to go and see them whenever I took Jiffy for a  hair-cut, but with Covid and losing Jiffy I hadn't seen her since last year at Eric's funeral.  Sadly Heather is now totally bed-bound.  So I spent a lovely hour with her, but it was so sad to see her like that ... just thankful that it never happened to Mum or Dad.

Anyway, back to the dentist - but don't know what they did as the plate no longer fit .... at all.  So I will have to go back next week to get that sorted out (again)

Today I have done a 3 mile walk and a bit of housework - so now I am getting caught up here (although I shall catch up with comments later).  However before I get on with other work etc -

21. Do you have any bumper stickers on your car?
An ICTHUS .... ie a Christian fish symbol

22. How many jobs have you had?
One week as a Christmas postman - 1977
Working Saturdays in a Health Food Shop - 1978 - 1979
Saturday job in assorted departments in a privately owned department store Roomes Stores Ltd, 1779 - 1983
Osteopath - 1983 - 2010
Groom (to pay for Jaykub & DJ's keep) - 2000 - 2009
Auxilliary Nurse - 2011 - now

23. What’s your favorite kind of soup?

happy weekend everyone x
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