Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Thursday = My Friday

Yes, the joy of only working a  few hours, and only 4 days means I get a 3 day weekend.

Work done
Baking done (peanut biscuits)
Some icons finished & posted

So far, the day is going well!

I haven't had a walk yet, as I am going to have tea at Tim & Claire's .... that's the reason for the baking... some to take with me.  Hopefully, although it's windy today, it won't rain while I do the walk there (not too bad coming home as that means I just get home and ready for bed).  Hopefully my meal will be as nice as yesterday as my chicken & chips in Jiffy's honour was lovely, especially as they had just put chips in the fryer, so everything was fresh & hot.

Well before I do some other bits & pieces ...

20. How old were you when you got your driver’s license?
Not quite 20 ... oh, I have just realised that literally 1 week ago it was the 40th anniversary. Yes, I passed my test on a Friday the 13th
Tags: daily meme, jiffy, tim and claire

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