Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

10 Icons

This set of icons was made for Round 23 of [community profile] icons10in20 .... 9 out of 10 are from the last episode of season 2 of BtVS, while the other is one of the same actor who plays Spike (James Marsters)

1 Asleep 2 Circular 3 Close Crop
+ 2 people
4 Eyes 5 High Satruration
1.Asleep 2.Circular 3._Close_crop_two_people 4._Eyes 5._High_saturation
6 Joyful 7 Last film watched 8 Mixed fonts 9 Sunbathing
10 W show
6._Joyful 7._Last_film_watched 8._Mixed_fonts 9._Sunbathing_mermaid 10.'W'_show_..._Warehouse_13

As ever, all are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated. The credits are available over at my icon journal on LiveJournal - d4s_icons

7. Last movie watched ... "Where Eagles dare"
9. Sunbathing mermaid ... Provided colour palette
10.'W' show ... Warehouse 13

This was originally post on Dreamwidth
Tags: btvs, competition, icons

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