Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Blame My Sister-In-Laws ....

... On Saturday I walked to the shops in the morning, and got there ahead of the rain (YAY) ... but caught the bus back as by then it was chucking it down!

As I was finishing lunch, and planning when to do another short walk and to open up LJ when the doorbell rang.  Tim & Claire usually do a 25 mile walk on a Saturday, but decided to do a different route, and after about 10 miles Claire wanted to "spend a penny" and they decided they were wet enough, so would cut short their walk and head home, via me.  When she came downstaires again she then asked for a cup of tea, and biscuits ... and if I had any cake!  It was really great to see them both, and although we "bubbled" we have only met up in each other's houses a few times in the 14 months.  We had a lovely afternoon, and then I walked half way home with them (although I think I would have got just as wet if I had swum!!!!!!)

I hadm't been in the house long, just enough time to dry and get a cuppa made, when Brenda phoned for a chat.

So, yes I had a lovely Saturday afternoon, but no time to LJ.

However, on a negative note I broke the plate that holds my front tooth (that I lost 5 years ago).  I was actually drinking tea at the time!  The good news is that with my other ongoing dentist problems, I have an appointment already on Friday.

Sunday was another wet day ... but I was a good girl and did a 2 mile walk. However on my way back I realised that I could only hear James (I listen to The Dresden Files as I walk) in one ear ... yes, I managed to "drown" my ear-phones!

Now I have had a morning in clinic .... 3 nice men, one no-show .... and then there was ...!!!!!!!!!  The physiologist I was working with is really lovely, and normally teases me about my moans .  However she got in with the moans first.  And as the morning went on he seemed to get worse!  Still, that's the joy of working with the general public!

I have done my walk, now doing this, before heading out for a sports massage.  So, although I know I owe comment-replies, and haven't checked up on your news, I won't be coming back to the pc later to makes sure that I can keep my neck & shoulders as relaxed as possible.

But, before I go, I have time -

15. What’s your least favorite chore to do around the house?
No, actually window cleaning

16. What’s your favorite flavor of potato chips?
Roast chicken

17. Do you ever read the weather forecast?
If I am planning to meet up with Brenda or Christine, yes. Otherwise, no
Tags: brenda, daily meme, dresden files, tim and claire, walk, weather, work

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