Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Can I Have A Gold Star?

I was a good girl and after lunch I did walk the long way round to the shops (I needed milk). So despite the rain I have still done my mile-long walk that I like to do a minimum of after work. In fact earlier I was also able to answer this week's prompt for photo_scavenger as this week we are thinking UMBRELLA.  And, yes, we certainly need our brollies today - this one I have had for ages, butt still love it (and used it this morning to walk to & from work).  And now, as you can see, I don't feel it's unlucky to have one open in a house ...
Thought I would show you the image.  I have always thought it looked as if the puppy is smoking, rather than just lying in straw

So after a weird clinic (as I said to the physiologist that all the patients were "odd".  They weren't totally weird, but just meant the clinic overall was weird)

Now I am thawing out again and plan to do some art work before heading back to the lounge for a lazy afternoon.  But, as ever (I even corrected the English on this one ... sorry USA!)

13. Can you do maths in your head well?
Pretty basic stuff, yes (not as good as my brother Nick), but can add up my shopping as I go, etc. And roughly change metric to imperial.

And, finally -
I must wish spikereader a Happy Birthday - hoping she is having a good day, and it will be the start of a great year.
And, remembering being with her at James Marsters events in London
Tags: birthday, camera, daily meme, friends, james, walk, weather

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