Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Another Day - Another Clinic ...

... another walk.

So really no news on any of them.  So thought I would do a "positive 5" instead -

  • My lilac is looking stunning as I look out of my kitchen window (especially as there is a wooden shed behind it)

  • Although damp, I haven't actually been caught in the rain on any of my walks recently

  • Finishing clinic early today, and able to leave early, as well

  • seasonal_spuffy is running

  • My youngest nephew has managed to get a part-time job, before he even finishes school.  So hopefully that's a good start for him

Well, I did say I was a bit short on what to type, so will finish this here (a  cup of tea is certainly calling!).  And, of course -

12. How many cars have you ever owned?
Peugeot 205, Ford Escort, Ford Puma, Chevrolet Matiz and Toyota Aygo = 5
Tags: daily meme, happy5

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