Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

The Best Laid Plans .... etc

So much for my plans as I typed yesterday ... I ended up feeling suddenly exhausted.  Slightly frustrating, but then I am being positive in thinking it is some weeks since that has happened.  So I just snoozed away my afternoon, had tea, snoozed a bit more before going to bed.

Oh well, at least it is a rarity these days, so that's good news.

Clinic went well today, although one of our patients was a 13 year old ... and on his last scan the physiologist I was working with picked up a shadow on his bladder scan.  Add to that the symptoms he had that caused him to speak to his parents, and we do wonder what that answer is going to be.  At least (me being positive again) he had spoken to his family/doctor with the symptoms ... not been too embarrassed to say something.  So hopefully it won't be too bad, as there are "other" answers it could be other than the nasty that it may be.  We also had a no-show

After lunch I had a walk before the rain, so good news!

Now it's time to do maybe make a couple of icons, but I am going to be fairly lazy rather than risk further problems.  But, before I go -

11. How many beings live in your house?
(Do I count the teddy bears?)
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, daily meme, work

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