Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Monday Mornings Can Be *****

*fill in the missing word*

Wow, what an odd clinic.  Mostly nice people, but then the middle gentleman left his brain at home!  He actually asked me who he had to ask to speak to me!  (Honest) ... and I am the only one in my coloured uniform, so he really was in his own universe.  Still in the end I left on time, so I can't really moan too much, can I?

Now lunch, walk and another bottle of milk, I am catching up here.

Hope that your weekend went as well as mine did.   I managed 3 miles walk on both days, and even better, managed to avoid the rain.

I may do a bit of art-work, but I really need to do some dusting, so I may decide to be a good girl!  But before I decide that -

10. Out of everyone you know, who has the most heart?
Brenda - she supports (and stays with NIck), and does wahing/ironing/cooking for the 4 boys (who are aged 18. 21, 23 & 25). She & I speak every week and she has been a great support to me throughout my flu infections (even though we haven't been able to meet).
Tags: brenda, daily meme, rl, work

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