Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

A Wet Weekend Again

This morning I did get a bit damp on my walk to Tesco, but at least I didn't actually get wet, however it was wetter when I came out (so a great excuse to catch the bus back!)  2 miles walk I would have been very wet by the time I got home, and I did want to get my baking done before lunch, so didn't want to spend the time thawing out, and getting dry again.

So, now it's this afternoon and I have had lunch, and yes, I did do my baking, so I have fresh cake for tea today (can I have some now?)

This week's prompt on photo_scavenger is DROP.  It is wet enough today for me to get the prompt done - but occasional dry moments, so that I could take the photo -   My washing line


So, as ever, the weekend means I will finish this, do some art work, then turn off until Monday (although I will try to get my f-list read before I dissappear.  And -

8. Do you get any magazines in the mail?
I get the quarterly magazine - This England as well as a monthly  BBC History and The Puzzler.
Some of the charities I support have quarterly magazines as well. 
Other than the crossword puzzle one they all get passed on, and Tim & Claire pass another history one to me

9. Would you rather take a shower or a bath?
I love a bath, but my bath is a bit small to really relax (& read) in!  But it's mostly a shower
Tags: camera, cooking, daily meme, shopping, walk, weather

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