Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yet Another Dentist Appointment

This morning I started with a trip to Torquay (where Mum & Dad used to live), and to St. Marychurch This district is about 2 miles from where we used to live, and from our view it looked as if the Church had a steeple and a tower.  In reallity the 2 Churches are about 100yds apart.

The CoeE is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin and although I couldn't go in it has a Saxon font dating from around 1110 AD. On Sunday May 30, 1943, the main part of this church was destroyed by a German bomb, killing 26 children and teachers.  So, as you can see much of it looks nice & shiny, but presumambly still in the same style.  This is the one with the tower, in the tree filled cememtry.

The Catholic one, with the steeple, is dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians & St Dennis.  That is an unusual dedication IMHO

So I had a short walk around, before heading to the dentist.  So, now I have a temporary filling in which will be there for a couple of weeks.  She still can't find a reason, but is still doing the slow route to repair.  Thinking, long-term, I do wonder if it is stress related after the ill health & Jiffy's loss.  I eventually lost a front tooth over a long time unresolving problem when Mum died suddenly, and Dad dying a year later.  Hopefully this will be sorted, but I do wonder if I am going to lose this one as well ... watch this space!

So, PhotoFriday & news ... wow, that's a shock!

The great little parade of shops -



The CoeE Church -





The Catholic Church -



And, finally, my dentist -

I was back home in time for a late lunch (eaten carefully), and then a 3 mile walk, as it's sunny, although chilly.  The forecast for the weekend isn't great.

But, as ever -

7. What time is your alarm clock set for?
7.15am Monday - Thursday (with another quarter of an hour's snooze).  The other 3 days, I don't set the alarm
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