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May-Day ... And Sunshine!

What a change from yesterday!

The sun was shining, the wind has dropped - a really lovely way to start the month of May.

I tied DJ up outside as it was nice, rather than in his box and he had a really thorough groom ... body, mane, tail ... and the scissors were out to trim off some of the long heair on the back of his legs, inside his ears and the top part of his mane where his bridle actually rests.  He enjoyed the sun-bathing, I think as he stood really quietly. 

Toni brought in Badger - and we didn't go far ... just up the road and back - but it was good to hear more about Stacey and Johns party ... still sad I couldn't have been with them in person.

So, as he was not hot when we got back, I could feed him and take him straight back to his field.
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