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I have just come back from my short walk, having gone via the Polling Station.  I was suprised, as I thought it was local council voting ... however when I got there it was the City, the County & the Police Chief of the County.  So I got to vote 3 times, having remembered to take my pencil with me!  The real problem was that the last couple of times I voted I had it easy, as Jiffy went with me so I took the polling paper and asked him to pick a vote for me!  This time I had to vote it all for myself and decide - very tough!

The other half of my walk was to post off a couple of rings to be repaired.  one of the ladies I work with has a brother who is a "chief" goldsmith in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.  I have been meaning to get them done for ages, and when I saw one of them again this weekend I decided I really needed to get Debbie's brother's name.  The 2 rings had both belonged to my Grandmother (Mum's Mum) ... and both were engagement rings!  One was from pre-WWI, but sadly he was killed in 1915, and then the other was from my Grandfather in 1920.  So it will be good to get them both wearable again.  So I am looking forward to re-gaining that part of my family history.  Anyone who knows me knows I adore jewellery (as did Mum), and it's the one disadvantage of nursing in the NHS ... one ring only (technically stated as a wedding band), but I actually wear 2 plain rings on one of my little fingers.  Tim loves his jewellery, as well - but Nick, and my 2 sisters-in-law only wear as minimum as possible.   (Nick never wears any at all now)

So, now I am here, and getting this scribbled ... and then to make some icons.

Hope you are all having a good Thursday

6. What’s the last thing you said out loud?
"Thank You" ... to the lady who gave me my 3 voting slips
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