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Doing OK  
5th-May-2021 02:34 pm
Gone with the Wind - Tomorrow is another
... in fact the wather has been better than forecast as I was able to walk to & from work, as well as have an afternoon walk.  So good news, although it's still cold, which isn't as good!

On another good point, my breathing is certainly settling now.  So, yes, I am really glad I have been able to stop the treatment (ironical - but as a couple of friends have said, typical, of me!!)

Work went OK ... we had one no-show, but the others were OK, just it was a very slow morning.  Still, better that than some of the patients we have seen over the last few months.

Now I am going to sort out some icons, before phoning my Aunt (I usually try to phone her every 3 weeks or so).  This is Mum's best friend, and we always have a laugh.  I do also need to phone my other Aunt, Dad's sister, but think I will put that off till next week 😉

So, before I go -

5. Is there someone you absolutely cannot stand but have to tolerate?
No, fortunately
5th-May-2021 03:26 pm (UTC)
5. You're lucky.
8th-May-2021 12:57 pm (UTC)
True - I think I realised that again when I read the question
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