Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Bank Holiday Monday ... So ...

Of course the weather is terrible!  Actually it's not as bad as forecast as we were told it would be cold, wind & rain ... so 2 out of 3 so far!

This morning started annoyingly early!  I had a lazy morning planned, but at just before 8am, the neighbours garden contractors started hammering!  Good to get an early start - but on a Bank Holiday!!  I managed a walk this morning, but it was cold.  Then once back I hung washing on the line, which has mostly dried already as it's so windy.  I have also cleaned my bedroom & bathroom and hoovered the rest of the house.  So although it was annoying that the bad weather meant I yet again had to cancel plans, yet overall I have had a good productive morning.  I actually got the ironing done and everything is on my airer indoors now (Don't want to get caught by a shower of rain as I type this)

Now I am here to scribble this and do some artwork.  If not for icon competitions then I need to sort some seasonal_spuffy ones, as my posting date will arrive faster than I want!

I will try to catch up with all your postings soon (but forgive me if I somehow miss you).

Oh a random note I have, at long last, got on with doing some re-watching of my favourite TV series from the 90's (and one from the 80's).  I have seen season 1 of the ones I am watching, and now am almost finished season 2 of Star Trek Voyager (having already seen it on Stargate SG1).  My next one is going to be BtVS and then it will be Blakes 7's turn.  So mostly Sci Fi, other than BtVS, of course.  I love these series although it has been some time since I have watched them in order - having occasionally caught an episisode on TV.  I read fan-fic from them all, so it's also good to get the original story straight in my mind again.

Well that's me up to date again - Hope you are all having  a good day (whether it's a Bank Holiday, or not).  But, before I go -

3. Ever stolen a street sign?
Umm, why would I?
Tags: bank holiday, daily meme, housework, star trek voyager, walk, washing

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