Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

How Can It Be Saturday, Already?

Yesterday was another good day - I think it helps with the good weather.

I ended up having a chat with my new neighbours (well, technically the second chat). One way is a rental property and the new tenants are 2 Italian girls who work at the hospital. The first evening they moved in I actually went and asked them to turn music down. No windows open on either house, I am wathing TV, and suddenly I couldn't actually hear it! I have never moaned before but decided I would ask as it was day 1 and didn't want to set a pressident. The girl who answered (eventually) the door was apologetic. Yesterday I heard her in the garden and asked her about the problem they had with internet ... the supplier had actually asked me if there was a problem for me). So it gave me the ideal excuse to speak to her. Anyway, we chatted for quite a time, and she finished with yet another apology and a gift of some rosemary as we had talked about various herbs etc. So, as I said, a good day!

This morning I walked to the supermarket, shopped and came home via the bus. I have prepared lunch, now just here to catch up before cooking and eating. However, must get caught up for the weekend -

24. How do you find new music?
I don't!
I have so many CD's that I love I don't look for others, although do have the radio on first thing in the morning - so hear some bits & pieces!

25. What physical traits have you inherited from your father?
My poor posture.
My short-sightedness and colour-blindness.

Hope it's as sunny for you, as me. Although it is quite breezy here - but nice weather when you have a day off. I shall probably have another walk later.

See you Monday x
Tags: daily meme, neighbours, shopping, walk, weather

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