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Wednesday - Wet & Windy

DJ was so glad to see me when I arrived this morning ... there is nothing like a carrot to warm up a wet pony!  It was pouring - and a cold wind was blowing ... hard to believe we are in May tomorrow.

He wasn't so happy to be brushed, although stood and let me comb both his tail and his main right the way through.

I tacked him up and headed out to meet Ros - and we went on the same route as last week through the woods.  Although it was quite slippery under-foot, DJ is great as he is a Connemara pony who are pretty sure-footed.  Going through the woods meant slightly less rain and certainly shelter from the wind.  The bluebells were still looking stunning, so that was an added bonus.

By the time we were heading back it was not raining quite as much - but DJ was not hot, so I could get him fed and back to his field, before I had time to realise how wet I actually was!!

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