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How Many Answers Can I find? 
12th-Apr-2021 02:52 pm
James - Discovery Channel
12. What’s the most historic thing that has happened in your lifetime?

Yes, a lot of things -

  • The Abefan Disaster

  • First man on the moon

  • The Queen becomining the longest reigning Monarch in the UK (& at present is #4 in the world)

  • UK Olympics

  • Shooting of JFK

  • Vietnam War

  • Falklands Conflict

  • Britain joining The Common Market ... and leaving

I suppose there are more, but those are off the top of my head!
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13th-Apr-2021 01:46 pm (UTC)
LOL - How could I forget 9/11. I can even remember the name of the person who told me to turn on a TV

Sorry, I must be a bit younger as I don't remember JFK's murder - although I remember Mum talking about her shock
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