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Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is a special day in the Christian calender, in England. For Christians around the world it is the day that Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His desciples. But in England it is also the time when The Sovereign gives a gift of money to a number of deserving people. The first Maundy Money ceremony took place in the reign of Charles II, when the king gave people undated hammered coins in 1662. The coins were a four penny, three penny, two penny and one penny piece. By 1670 the king started giving out a dated set of all four coins.

And today was no different with the monarch honouring a string of community heroes with symbolic Royal Maundy service coins despite the Westminster Abbey event being unable to be held due to Covid.

In a letter, the Queen wrote her "personal thanks" to the recipients, adding: "I am sure you will be sad, as I am, that present circumstances make it impossible for that Service to take place.

"I hope however that this Maundy Gift will remind you for years to come that your efforts have been truly appreciated."

During the Royal Maundy service, the Queen would have distributed Maundy money to 95 men and 95 women - as she will be 95 on April 21 this year. The money is a red purse contains a small gift of ordinary coins totalling £5.50, and a white purse contains 95p in silver Maundy coins. Maundy coins are specially minted and are legal tender.

However due to Covid, the event was cancelled for the second year in a row.

Well i am a bit later today as I had to wait around for a phonecall from my doctor.  So having done this scribble while waiting, I am now going to finish and have a walk - I may not go too far as clinic was very "full on" - again nice people, but they all seemed to have assorted health problems that left us very delayed in finishing.

But, as ever -

1. Do you have any channels you regularly watch on YouTube?
Yes & no!  I watch our Church service "live" ona  Sunday morning, but it is also on a You Tube Channel - Pinhoe Road Baptist Church, Exeter
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