Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Happy Friday

We had quite a lot of rain overnight - which will have done my newly sorted out garden tubs good. Thankfully the rain stopped earlier this morning, so after cleaning my kitchen floor I went out for a walk, and took the camera with me, so have more Spring colour to share with you all. Actually as I type this the sun is now shining, so I should have waited till now, but having said that I enjoyed my walk today, just local roads, but still nice (and I actually have 2 sets of FridayPhoto posts today, as the camera was quite busy!

This one is local colour ... as you can see -






Literally 2 doors up -
And a close-up

And, of course -

26. What is the most frivolous item you own? (No purpose or value)

I think I have posted a photo of Portious before, but I think he probably counts. My friend Toni bought him for me the Christmas after Jaykub (my horse) died.

Tags: camera, daily meme, exeter, flowers, giraffe, photo friday, spring, walk

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