Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Apparently, So Far, I have Been One Lucky Girl ...

Just hope that luck continues!

I saw the dentist this morning about the intermittant pain in my tooth, and with an X-ray I was told that I am so lucky that the tooth hasn't broken in half, fallen out or have an abscess developed. Apparently the tooth is totally hollow, below the old filling which is still in place.

So I am on penicillin for a week, and then ahve another couple of weeks before they can fit me back in for a root filling and tooth re-build.  So hope I don't lose the tooth in that time.

The arm is a bit sore after yesterday's jab, but no symptoms other than that.

I have also done a 2 mile walk in the sunshine, so am being a good girl, as well as a lucky one!

Well I want to give my Aunt a phonecall so am going to go through the friends list, then head off again.  But, as ever, before I go -

24. What was the size of your high school?

I went to The Coopers' Company and Coborn School. It has just celebrated it's 475th anniversary, so an old heritage. When I was there, we had about 1,100 pupils, and for a year, all 3 of us were there!  192 in my first year, with about 150 staying on for sixth form
Tags: dentist, school, walk

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