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A Drabble - The Air Smelled Of Sunrise.

I have been trying to get my life back together as most of you know - so have taken up a challenge that 

hollydb posted.  She listed the first line of some of her stories - and asked those who wanted to do a drabble.

So - here is my attempt!  I warn you now - I haven't written anything for about 8 months ... and overall have never written much!

The Air Smelled Of Sunrise. 

The air smelled of sunrise, he knew he had to stand up and head for his crypt.

How much longer could he continue with his life?

Patrolling with the Scoobies, then sitting with his girl.  Patrolling without the Scoobies, then sitting with his slayer.  Her place of rest was protected, her sister was cared for, her friends were looked after and her calling was continued.

Without her, how much longer could he continue with his life?

"'Till the end of the world" ... Thats how long.

Tags: drabble, spike, spuffy
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