Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Walk "Round The Block"

... that is my morning, so far.  I had a birthday pressie to post, walked a slightly different route, but still some Spring colour, and a couple of pictures of scenes ... all within a mile of where I live.  This FridayPhoto has been good at watching Spring emerge, but it is also good to be able to enjoy my local area.  As you can see I am so lucky to have "countryside" literally "next door"

Enjoy -







Dandelions may be a weed, but they are stunning -

This afternoon I have a dentist appointment.  I had a check-up booked for just after lockdown started last year but that, of course, got cancelled.  I have had short bursts of pain off & on since in one tooth, but over the last week or so it has got more frequent, as has another tooth started feeling a bit off.  So, although I, like most people, don't like a trip to the dentist, it is certainly better than the alternative.

So, I have some spare time before I leave, which means I have no excuse not to do some housework ;(

But before I turn off the pc - LOL, I have just read the question ... how ironical!

19. Do you have a preferred toothpaste brand?

No, I just like peppermint/freshmint ones, and actually try to alternate the brands & types from purchase to purchase.
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