Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Monday's Musings

Wow, that clinic was busy this morning.  Most of my colleagues teased me as one of the patients was a 4 year old girl ... who looked truly petrified.  So they wondered what I had said to her when I collected her & her mum from the waiting room.

Yesterday, being Mothering Sunday I walked out to the cemetery (yes my daily walks are continuing - I have jst done a 25min walk before turning on the computer).  The cememtery was crowded with people laying flowers on their mother's graves.  I just hope that the same people showed the same love to their mums while they were still alive.

I did manage to finish cleaning the cabinet, so now I am just under 1/2 way through that clean.  It's one of those tasks which I don't like - taking all my ornaments out of the glass-fronted cabinets.  I am a hoarder, but when I did out a duster I do have a moment's regret!

Well, no real news so will finish off with today's question -

15. Are you likely to make more friends out of people you approached or are all friends of ours part of your extended inner circle?

Silly question for me - I find it hard to make friends, and have a few.  Mostly from Church memberships over the years ... although my closest friend was a patient when I met her.

Hope you all had a good weekend

PS - the icon is a photo of Mum that Dad took in 1955 on a holiday in Yugoslavia.  It's always been a favourite of mine since I first saw it.
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