Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

LOL - I Have Beaten The Question, Again

No work today (or tomorrow ... see the question!), and this morning I gave my bedroom and bathroom a good clean, as well as running a hoover over the stairs, landing etc.  As it's raining off & on I doubt I will get a walk, but will try to be a good girl later, I promise.

As I phoned my Aunt yesterday I am actually able to get on with some knitting this afternoon.

Anyway - here is what I meant by the title today ...

10. If you had no work or other obligations tomorrow I would…

No work, and I had meant to meet a friend from work for a walk but she has cancelled as she has recently had a tumour removed from her face and she has to keep it warm & dry ... so with the bad weather we are delaying that.  She is doing well, and apparently is all clear, so that's the main thing.

So - no plans!  No work!  No obligations!

So the computer will call and I may see if I can work on a banner sized imaged, or a photo manipulation.  In other words, I will probably play!  (even though I really should be doing the spring cleaning I started in my lounge!)
Tags: daily meme, housework, weather

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