Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

A Bit Of An Icon Dump

No real news but remembered I have a few icons that I have entered in competitions, but as they are "closed" I hadn't posted them here. So, To post

I have made these 10 for Round 6 of somein30 that this month has a theme of "Minimalism vs Complexity" and I chose to use the "first" Star Wars film as my theme

Basic 1 Basic 2 Basic 3 Basic 4 Basic 5
Basic_1 Basic_2 Basic_3 Basic_4 Basic_5
Complex 1 Complex 2 Complex 3 Complex 4 Complex 5
Complex_1 Complex_2 Complex_3 Complex_4 Complex_5

I have also done these 5 for itsabattlefield Small Battle : 41. These are all from the film Apollo 13

Close Crop Negative Space Text Levels Fake Background
image-w1280 kranz(1) maxresdefault(4) 95e3e0dc-f374-4fb5-8e11-0c8749f218a8(1) shutterstock_editorial_1536077a

This set was made for perioddrama_ic where the theme was white

Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5
perioddrama_ic_(5) perioddrama_ic_(4) perioddrama_ic_(3) perioddrama_ic_(2) perioddrama_ic_(1)

There are also a few seperate icons for itsabattlefield

Sanditon(1)     Farscape     timeless_268a(1)

As ever they are all snaggable, and most of the credits can be found at my icon journal - d4s_icons

Well that's a range ... good or bad!!  I have some more to make this month, so might as well get on for a time, but before I do that ...

9. If you could become a member of any TV family which would it be and why?

I always loved watching The Waltons ... and so would like to be part of that group. I love the basic lifestyle of the 1930's, and the close friendships of the family & neighbours. Also that most love going to Church, so all in al a win-win
Tags: apollo 13, daily meme, icons, star wars, waltons

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