Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Another Week Bites The Dust

Tim's treatment went well, and he is OK today - so that was good news. He bought me a huge tub of Jelly Beans as thanks ... so that was really nice of him, and they are slowly disappearing!

I had a good morning - walking to the shops, and then once home doing some baking, so that was good. Now I have made a couple of icons, I'm going to post this then "switch off" for the rest of the weekend.

Before I do, though -

6. As a child, who was your favourite relative and why?

No favourite - it really depends on what the day was bringing. I loved one of my Granddad's when I was young as we always had a walk to the local cemetery when he was visiting. I got on really well with my brothers - Nick was great to talk to, and Tim was great to get into trouble with!. So, no overall favourite

7. What have you always been curious about?
Why some people don't have "the sense they were born with!"
Tags: daily meme, tim

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