Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Trust Brenda .......

.... Yes, Covid numbers are coming down, Claire & I have both had our injections #1, and Nick "was" booked for today for his, and ....

Yes, Brenda has Covid!

She didn't have classic symptoms, just a bit of a cough, and spoke to her GP about getting a blood test as she is still stuggling with menopause problems.  Her GP hearrd her cough and said she needed testing, and it's come back positive!  Hopefully she will continue with the mild "non" symptoms.  I spoke to her and she sounded as Brenda, as normal.  Her real worry is Nick, as he has quite a few health problems (and is sadly a smoker)

Oh, well, at least everyone will be on alert for him, or my nephews.

On further "bad" news is that I have decided to delay my May holiday to France till next year (as I had to last year).  I am not nervous of travelling, but as I am going to a specific small museum, so want it to be open when I go, as that is the main reason I have booked this trip - to see the Deborah tank So, decided that I want to be sure I get to see this I need to delay things.  All the cemeteries etc will be open, if we can travel, but didn't know about this museum and didn't want to risk it.

As it's raining and I have had a rough week, health-wise I decided not to go for a walk, however still doing the PhotoFriday thingy. I got the inspiration from a question I did yesterday from earlier in the week. ie
        15. When I have a look around my home, it’s very obvious that I…
            ... love giraffes, and never throw any ornament away. Also, that I owned a Westie

So I have taken a few photos in my lounge to prove the point!

My nest of tables (a friend bought me the frame for Jiffy's picture)
Part of my ornament display
My friend Toni bought me Portious the Christmas that Jaykub died.  He used to sit on my bed at Mum & Dad's, now sits in my lounge.
A friend drew this for me as a Christmas present ... and, yes, I burst into tears as I opened the gift.  That is my Little Man

So, not many pictures, but at least I didn't ignore the challenge this week.

So, that's me up to date, and I do hope to catch up with you all later.  But before I disappear I shall do my question -

19. What are the three most dominant emotions in your life right now?

Worry (about N&B)
Frustration (at not being able to get out & about)

Hope everyone is keeping well & safe
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