Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Mum Was Proved Right ... Again

Yes, she may have died almost 6 years ago, but the year before she had said that there was a reason that they had been put in the same uni house.

Yes, Andrew went to Southampton Uni back in 2014, and was put in a house with 9 other people, one of whom was also a committed Christian. So, Mum said that God realised they would suit!. Anyway they shared a house for 3 years, then she went to Spain to work for 2 years. When she came back she went to college in Bath, and gave Andrew a ring and said that it would be fun to catch up. Eventually they started dating, and yesterday Andrew & Jess became engaged. So both are now 25 and with that history I am really hopeful that they have a great chance to really survive.

Congratulations Andrew & Jess

I do love that top, or dress, she is wearing!

Well while passing on good news, I will also do the 2 days meme to be able to turn off the pc soon.

6. What do you think about hunting?
Sorry it's not PC, but for me I see the history of the English Countryside ... a lot of long term heritage.
In most hunts very few animals are actually caught, as they are mostly cleverer that humans, and can often out-smart us!

7. What places are you really grateful exist?

Well this evening I shall be watching Sound of Music ... I do love that film, and will honour Christopher Plummer ... may he R.I.P.
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