Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Keeping You All Up-To-Date

I had a super afternoon with Claire yesterday. I walked there, then we walked back here and sat in the back garden with a large pot of tea, and some home-made biscuits ,,, then just before Tim was due to arrive (he had been working all day) Claire & I decided that a glass of sherry was really needed!! We chatted, and laughed, and even shed a couple of tears ... it was a truly special afternoon. We hope to meet again next Friday, but that will depend on the weather with lockdown.

Clinic went better today, with only one no-show ... and all the men were nice people. I do sometimes think that it's mostly odd-balls that get bladder problems, but today proved me wrong again.

So, I shall do a bit of art work, and then I am going to start some spring cleaning. As most of you know I am a hoarder ... and have hundreds of ornaments ... but once a t=year everything in the display cabinets gets taken out and thoroughly cleaned ... so I shall start that this afternoon ... doing a bit each day is easier, than trying to get the whole lot done in one go!

So, I must get on, but before I go -

4. What responsibilities do you think the media have, if any?

I would love to think that media could be totally independent and give us the facts, good & bad ... so that we could make up our own mind.

However - that never seems to happen, does it?
Tags: claire, daily meme, housework, rde, work

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