Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore

I find it sadly ironical that Captain Sir Tom Moore died of pneumonia and coronvirus. The man (for those who don't know) walked 100 laps of his garden last year and raised over 35 million pounds for the NHS charities. He also, at age 100 had a #1 in the UK charts -

Last summer he was knighted -

But, as I said, sadly, this was the news report we had yesterday ....

May he R.I.P. and may his family have those special memories to keep them strong during these difficult days.

Todays clinic was "good" we had 60% no-show ... so as we tend to have to keep in our designated location, I sat and read. So great to get paid to read Spuffy (yes, I had my Kindle with me). So frustrating though when people don't bother turning up ... or even ringing to say that they won't be coming.

In a few minutes, I am going to walk up to Tim & Claire's and then Claire & I are going for a walk, as the weather is actually quite nice (although cold), so it will be good to catch up with her.

But before I go ...

3. How do you feel about plastic surgery?

When Claire had her mastectomy she had an implant, so she has had plastic surgery. Yes, I can totally understand how cancer survivors and burns (etc) victims would want & need plastic surgery.

However when you see some "stars" who are so distorted by surgery I do have to wonder why?

So, yes, brilliant in rehab, otherwise, not so much.
Tags: cancer, claire, daily meme, rip, work, you tube

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